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Mastrelle® Symbio, capsules Mastrelle® Symbio, capsules
Treats and prevents common vaginal infections.
Mastrelle® vaginal irrigator Mastrelle®vaginal irrigator
Mastrelle® irrigator was especially designed for vaginal washings. The cannula and the bulb are made from soft and flexible materials which allow its use in various positions (bathtub, shower or the toilet). The irrigator can be reused.
Mastrelle® Toujours Mastrelle ® Toujours
Mastrelle® Toujours is a gel for daily intimate hygiene.
Mastrelle® Chic, vaginal gel Mastrelle® Chic, vaginal gel
Due to hyaluronic acid content, Mastrelle® Chic vaginal gel is helpful for dried or irritated mucosa, by rehydrating the epitelial vaginal cells and by forming a fluid layer with exceptional lubricant properties, restoring the elasticity and trophicity of vaginal epithelium.
Mastrelle® Flora Plus, vaginal capsules Mastrelle® Flora Plus, vaginal capsules
Mastrelle® Flora Plus vaginal capsules is a natural product, based on the bio-active prebiotic complex in combination with vitamins and hyaluronic acid. Due to its complex composition, Mastrelle® Flora Plus decreases and equilibrates the value of vaginal pH at physiologically value (pH < 4,5). Prebiotic complex provides nutrients that stimulate the growth of lactobacilli and restore the protective biofilm, thus preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi such as Candida. Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid form a fluid film with moisturing and regenerating properties, resulting in improvement of itching, irritation, redness and burning sensation.
Mastrelle® Flora Plus, vaginal douche Mastrelle® Flora Plus, vaginal douche
Mastrelle® Flora Plus, vaginal douche is a gentle intravaginal cleanser which balances vaginal flora and pH and removes the malodor and pathological secretion of bacterial origin. Mastrelle® Flora Plus, vaginal douche relieves quickly and effective itching and burning sensation, balances the vaginal pH and regenerates the vaginal epithelium after menstruation and removes secretions or contraceptive gels residues after intercourse.
Mastrelle® Madame, vaginal gel Mastrelle® Madame, vaginal gel
Mastrelle® Madame 45+ with soy isoflavones and hyaluronic acid provides rehydration of the vaginal epithelium. Application of Mastrelle® Madame 45+ vaginal gel helps by forming a protective lining, provides a good lubrication and improves vaginal tissue condition.
Mastrelle® Madame 45+ vaginal gel trophic action is due to highly concentrated soybean extract standardized in 40% isoflavones and hyaluronic acid, both included in a cream-gel form with a smooth non-greasy texture, as an oil-in-water emulsion.