Anemia, a common condition in childhood

Anemia, a common condition in childhood

Specialist advice

The child is born with a complete or less complete iron deposit from the mother, depending on whether the mother received vitamins and calcium in the last semester of pregnancy.

Anyway, absolutely all children (those born at term, starting from three and a half months, and starting from 2.5-3 months those born prematurely) must receive iron supplements. These are given for four months, 20 days a month. To which folic acid can be added, which helps to fix iron.

Iron, an essential element for the normal functioning of the body

Iron is an essential element for the normal functioning of the body , a mineral that it cannot do without without suffering serious dysfunctions. Each red blood cell in the body contains iron, in the so-called hemoglobin, the pigment that carries oxygen from the lungs to all tissues in the body. The lack of iron in the blood implicitly leads to an iron deficiency that causes anemia , a common condition in childhood, but which should not be neglected.

Alinan Happy Ferro, unique combination of folic acid, vitamin B12 and iron in an easily absorbable form

Alinan Happy Ferro   is a food supplement that ensures the simultaneous administration of iron bisglycinate, folic acid (vitamin B9) and vitamin B12 in a single dose per day. The two vitamins participate in the synthesis of hemoglobin and intensify the effects of iron.

However, before taking an iron-based supplement, you should consult your doctor, because too much iron intake can be harmful.

It should also be taken into account that iron is best absorbed on an empty stomach . Sometimes it can cause stomach pain and that's why some children need a small amount of food to be able to swallow the iron supplements. Under no circumstances should iron be administered with milk or drinks containing caffeine, because they interfere with absorption. On the other hand, vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron and therefore the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C is highly recommended.

After the first month of administration of iron supplements, blood tests should be repeated to see if the hemoglobin and hematocrit levels have improved. A positive answer implies continuing the treatment with the same drug for a few more months. Once the level of iron in the blood is corrected with the help of iron-based supplements, it can be maintained in normal parameters only by means of a diet rich in foods containing iron. Even so, the blood tests must be repeated every 6 months.