What do you do when the child has no appetite?

What do you do when the child has no appetite?

Specialist advice

Why does the child have no appetite ? I have prepared some information that will help you.

Does he make all kinds of grimaces during the meal, always says he's not hungry right away, looks at his plate and looks for all kinds of excuses to get up from the table?

The child's refusal to eat is a great concern for parents. They fear that a fussy child or one who cries during meals will not develop properly and will have health problems. It is a problem and a cause of stress for children as well, because they are forced to eat more than they need.

Reasons why the child does not eat

Food intolerances

In certain cases, when the little one indulges only in a certain type of food, this may suggest a native intolerance to that product. It can be dairy, flour or dried fruit. You should carefully observe whether these foods cause digestive problems or gastric discomfort.


The lack of the right amount of iron in the body can be the reason for the occurrence of malnutrition. In this case, change your diet with foods rich in iron or consider taking a supplement.

Intestinal parasites

A common problem with children, since they put their dirty hands to their mouths. Symptoms may go unnoticed or be confused with other conditions. Be careful if the little one is nervous for no reason, has dilated pupils or frequent anal itching.

Emotional problems

It does not exclude this aspect, especially if there have been important changes in the life of the child or the family.

Other ailments

If the problem does not resolve itself in a few days, schedule a visit to the doctor and ask for a series of analyzes to rule out more serious problems or digestive diseases.

How do you get your child used to food?

Do not feed the child between meals

A child who eats a variety of snacks between meals is unlikely to want a healthy and nutritious meal. The problem is especially with those little ones who like sweets a lot.

Do not force feed the child

Attempts to force-feed your baby can backfire faster than you imagine. Such behavior is not beneficial for the child. In addition, it can also affect his relationship with his parents. Do not even try to blackmail your child to eat, because it is not a long-term option.

Eat with your child

When the little one sees that you and your partner are having a meal in a relaxed atmosphere, he will certainly be eager to join. It is also a good idea to involve the child in preparing the food and setting the table.

Prepare colorful meals

Culinary preparations with a beautiful and appetizing appearance will encourage the little one to at least taste and see what the food is like. Most of the time, children are delighted by colored bell peppers, strawberries, apple slices of various colors. Colored meals are a proven method for children who have no appetite.

Prepare a special place for him at the table

To increase the chances that the little one will come to the table willingly, you should set up a pleasant and familiar space at the table. It definitely helps if you choose colorful cutlery and napkins, plates with unusual shapes (animal faces, cars).

How does Alinan Energy and appetite help you?

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