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Balonix® MED, chewable tablets Balonix® MED, chewable tablets
Balonix®med is indicated for symptomatic treatment of gas-related gastrointestinal disorders, prevention of excessive formation of abdominal gases and preparation for abdominal explorations diagnostic
Balonix® med, emulsion Balonix® med, emulsion
Special designed formula that treats colic and abdominal cramps in newborns due to gas-related disorders
Balonix®, tablets Balonix®, tablets
BALONIX® tablets is a food supplement being a complex product based on vegetable extracts and volatile oils, which is recommended for abdominal discomfort caused by excess intestinal gas. The product contains an optimal ratio between chamomile extract standardized in apigenin – with spasmolytic effects (relieves abdominal cramps) and essential oils that confer carminative properties to the product, favouring the intestinal gas evacuation.