D-Manoza Uractiv®, sachets

D-Manoza Uractiv®, sachets

Short description

Food supplement recommended for maintaining the urinary tract health.


To maintain the health of the urinary tract in people with low immunity.


Uractiv D-manoza sachets is a product with natural ingredients that acts effectively against the adhesion of pathogens to the urinary tract, but through a non-aggressive and non-antibiotic mechanism.
Uractiv D-manoza does not cause disturbances in the intestinal flora and does not lead to the emergence of treatment-resistant strains.
Thanks to the non-toxic mechanism of action, Uractiv D-manoza can be administered both in acute cases in short-term cures and in long-term administrations, even for 6 months.


Uractiv D-Manoza, sachets contains 1500 mg D-mannose, 180 mg vitamin C, 190 mg coach grass root dry extract.

D-Mannose is a type of sugar related to glucose, but much more difficult to metabolize by the body and therefore does not cause an increase in blood sugar.
D-mannose is completely absorbed and eliminated unchanged in the urine, preventing the adhesion of pathogenic microorganisms to the urinary tract wall, especially Escherichia coli.

Vitamin C is a vitamin with a very important role in the functioning of the immune system. It helps to establish a rapid immune response against a pathogen, including those in the urogenital sphere.

Coach grass root extract
Coach grass root is a very effective diuretic. It increases the amount of urine produced and filtered by the kidneys and causes a mechanical cleansing of the urinary tract along with urine flow.

Dosage and administration

1 sachet two times daily for the first 4 days, followed by 1 sachet a day for the next 2-3 weeks.
Before administration, the content of the sachet is dissolved in approximately 100 ml of plain water.
During administration it is necessary to ensure a sufficient supply of fluids.


- Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
- Store at temperatures below 25 degrees C in the original packaging!
- Keep out of the sight of small children!
- Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily consumption!
- The product is a food supplement and should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle!

Domeniul de utilizare

Dezinfectia igienica a mainilor pentru utilizatori profesionali si populatie.
Actiune bactericida, levuricida si virucida pe virusurile incapsulate, inclusiv Coronavirus 229E, dupa un timp de contact de 60 secunde.

Indicatii si mod de administrare

Se aplică 2 ml gel și se masează până la pătrunderea în piele.


Without medical prescription.


Cardboard box with 10 sachets.

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