Emetix® Hangover, sachets

Emetix® Hangover, sachets

Short description

Emetix® Hangover contains a complex of natural active ingredients and vitamins that help the body mobilize its physical and mental resources in order to function at optimal parameters.


For hangover symptoms alleviation and to fight against harmful effects of alcohol consumption.

Hangover is characterized by headache, nausea, dry mouth, tremors, reduced visual acuity, lethargy, fatigue, combined with decreased ability to concentrate and decreased cognitive performance. These symptoms are caused by the formation of toxic compounds (acetaldehyde, malonaldehyde), as a result of the metabolism of alcohol consumed in excess and which the liver fails to neutralize very quickly.


- contributes to reducing fatigue and normal functioning of the nervous system;
- invigorates the body
- reduces the discomfort associated with nausea or vomiting
- maintains the ability to concentrate at an optimal level

B vitamins are involved in many metabolic processes of the body and the detoxification pathways of the liver are based on this vitamin complex for an effective neutralization of toxic substances. B vitamins help to reduce fatigue, maintain mental clarity and improve orientation difficulties. The B vitamins also help to regulate the electrolyte balance, relieve nausea and vomiting, reduce the severity of headaches and tremors.

The antioxidants intake improves the hangover and the destructive effects that alcohol has on the body. Vitamin C activates the body's own antioxidant enzyme systems, such as glutathione, involved in neutralizing toxic metabolites of alcohol.

Ginger is known for its properties as spice and is often used as a digestive tonic. Ginger extract potentiates the action of vitamin B6 and helps relieve nausea.
Guarana extract reduces mental fatigue, improves reaction time, increases the ability to concentrate and invigorates the body. Rich in powerful antioxidants, guarana extract protects the body from the destructive effects of free radicals resulting from alcohol metabolism.


Active ingredients:
- 250 mg Guarana seeds extract standardized in caffeine
- 180 mg Vitamin C
- 30 mg Ginger rhizomes extract standardized in gingeroli
- 10.75 mg Vitamin B6
- 2 mg Vitamin B5
- 1 mg Vitamin B1
- 1 mg Vitamin B2
- 0.75 μg Vitamin B12

Dosage and administration

- 2 sachets when needed.
- It is recommended to administer after awakening.
- The content of each sachet is dissolved in approximately 150-200 ml of cold water.


It is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the ingredients.
Excessive consumption can produce laxative effects.

Domeniul de utilizare

Dezinfectia igienica a mainilor pentru utilizatori profesionali si populatie.
Actiune bactericida, levuricida si virucida pe virusurile incapsulate, inclusiv Coronavirus 229E, dupa un timp de contact de 60 secunde.

Indicatii si mod de administrare

Se aplică 2 ml gel și se masează până la pătrunderea în piele.


Without medical prescription.


Box with 8 sachets of 6 grams each. Box with 2 sachets of 6 grams each.

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