Laxit® Med, sachets

Laxit® Med, sachets

Short description

LAXIT MED is a laxative powder for oral solution, which helps to improve the intestinal transit by acting naturally, without irritating the intestinal mucosa.


LAXIT MED is recommended in the treatment of symptomatic constipation in adults and children over 6 months.


Flavors and sweeteners free.
Can be mixed with any drink, even hot drinks: tea, milk, fruit juice or soup, without changing their original flavor.
It doesn’t irritate the digestive mucosa as anthraquinones.
It can be safely administered in infants and also to adults.
It doesn’t induce tolerance.


1 sachets contains 5 g macrogol 4000

Dosage and administration

- 2 sachets, 1-3 times per day, depending on individual response.
To obtain a faster effect, a dose of 4 sachets (20 g of macrogol 4000) can be taken in a single administration. In case of prolonged use, the dose can be reduced to 2 sachets, 1-2 times per day, administered in alternative days (e.g in one day, 2 sachets can be administered, preferably before bedtime, and the next day, 2 sachets can be administered between breakfast and lunch and 2 sachets before bedtime).

- from 6 months to 12 months: 1 sachet per day,
- from 1 to 4 years: 1-2 sachets per day,
- from 5 to 8 years: 2-3 sachets per day,
- over 8 years: 2 sachets, 1-2 times per day.

- Before starting treatment, organic disorders must be ruled out. In this way, for children aged 6-12 months, it is recommended medical advice (medical examination). Do not exceed maximum daily dose.
- The content of one sachet (5g) is dissolved in 50-100 mL water and then administered orally. Powder may be mixed with any drink, even warm, such as tea, milk, fruit juice or soup.
- LAXIT MED does not change taste of the drink. It is recommended to be administered between meals, or, if it is a single dose, to be administered before bedtime.


Keep out of the reach of children.
Store in the original package.
No special storage conditions are required.

Domeniul de utilizare

Dezinfectia igienica a mainilor pentru utilizatori profesionali si populatie.
Actiune bactericida, levuricida si virucida pe virusurile incapsulate, inclusiv Coronavirus 229E, dupa un timp de contact de 60 secunde.

Indicatii si mod de administrare

Se aplică 2 ml gel și se masează până la pătrunderea în piele.


Without medical prescription.


Box that contains 10/20/40 sachets

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