Profever®, pads

Profever®, pads

Short description

Forehead cooling hydrogel pad.


Can give moisture and cooling effect due to hydrogel from composition.
It is compatible with skin and has a good local tolerability.
It remains cool for up to 8 hours, remains in place and can be easily removed without sticky residues.
It can be used concomitantly with antipyretics.


Cooling hydrogel pad.


Forehead cooling hydrogel pads for children over 6 months old and adults with moderate fever.

Dosage and administration

1. Cut the superior part of the package and take out a pad.
2. Remove the protective foil from the back of the pad.
3. Apply the pad on forehead.
4. Throw the used pad (single use).


Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in cool, dry places, in a well-closed recipient at room temperature.
For good adhesion of the pad it is indicated that the skin should be dry, free from oily marks and should not come into direct contact with hair or clothing.
After each opening of the package, close the package by ziplock sealing in order to prevent the unused pad drying (single use).


Without medical prescription.


Cardboard box with 2 sachets of 2 hydrogel pads.