Uractiv® Alkasolv, sachets

Uractiv® Alkasolv, sachets

Short description

Food supplement, specially developed for maintaining the hydroelectrolytic balance and correcting the urinary pH in people prone to renal lithiasis.


- For persons prone to have urinary stones
- For persons who had a lithotripsy procedure


Uractiv Alkasolv is an effective long-term solution for preventing kidney stones by controlling the elimination of calcium in the urine and the balance of urinary pH to a value that prevents the precipitation of calcium salts in the urine in the form of stones.
Uractiv Alkasolv, sachets does not contain sodium (contains potassium citrate) and therefore can be safely administered to patients with hypertension or heart rhythm disorders.
Uractiv Alkasolv sachets contains sucralose, sweetener without calories and therefore can be safely administered to diabetic patients.
Uractiv Alkasolv can be used in pregnant women, after specialist's advice.
Pleasant orange taste.


Uractiv Alkasolv sachets 20 mEq potassium citrate, 11 mEq magnesium citrate, 25 mg vitamin B6.

The additional intake of magnesium leads to a balance between the magnesium and calcium in favor of magnesium. In people with a tendency to lithiasis there is an excess of calcium elimination through the urine which is deposited in the form of insoluble calcium salts and which will subsequently form kidney stones. The additional intake of magnesium reduces the elimination of calcium in the urine and the formation of calcium salts at this level. The magnesium salts removed through the urine are soluble and do not form kidney stones.

Potassium citrate:
Alkaline citrates (potassium and sodium) contribute to reducing the formation of urinary calculi by alkalizing the urine (in acidic urine medium calcium salts form precipitates which will increase in size forming stones; in alkaline environment calcium salts do not precipitate and are prevented from forming solid agglomerates).

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine):
Vitamin B6 increases the bioavailability of magnesium and maintains its optimal concentration in the cell. Vitamin B6 contributes to the normal metabolism of cysteine, an amino acid involved in the formation of kidney stones.

Dosage and administration

1 sachet per day, preferably divided in 2 doses, in the morning and evening. The content of each sachet is dissolved in 150-300 ml of water. At the doctor's recommendation and depending on the urinary pH resulting from a trial period, the dose may be adjusted.


- Keep out of the sight of small children.
- Store at temperatures below 25 degrees C in the original packaging.
- Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily consumption.
- The product is a food supplement and should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Domeniul de utilizare

Dezinfectia igienica a mainilor pentru utilizatori profesionali si populatie.
Actiune bactericida, levuricida si virucida pe virusurile incapsulate, inclusiv Coronavirus 229E, dupa un timp de contact de 60 secunde.

Indicatii si mod de administrare

Se aplică 2 ml gel și se masează până la pătrunderea în piele.


Without medical prescription.


Box with 30 sachets.

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